What our Customers are saying:

“Love your masks....I have all the Batik ones! I consider these my favourite accessory and coordinate the various prints with my outfits...makes wearing a mask a fun fashion event! LOL Besides which...they are extremely comfortable and don't fog my glasses and I end up forgetting I have it on until someone tells me I'm outside now and can take it off!! LOL With the insert and the double fabric I feel thoroughly, as well as prettily, protected.” - Judy A., North York, ON. 

"I couldn't be more satisfied AND pleased with the masks you sent me. They are far and above better than anything else I've been using, including the ones that we were required to wear when I took my partner for his cancer treatments. Your masks are the only ones that fit my face perfectly, and the bonus is that my reading glasses NEVER fog up! The best part, for me, is that the masks are fun and stylish, and I'm proud to wear them." 
- Sandra N., Edmonton, AB. 

“Received mine today! What a great company and masks are fantastic. After I royally screwed up my order form Karmen noticed and emailed me right away to straighten it out! Customer service is so important to me and the Kindness Factory rocked it!” 
- Louise B., Courtenay, BC  

“I totally recommend their cloth masks. They are well made and have filter pockets and wash well. There are a variety of fabrics and it's great to support a local business. I ordered several for when I need to wear a non medical mask when out and about, and my order was ready for pick up on the same day. Pick up was easy and organized, as well as contactless.”
- Kim V., Victoria, BC

“They are so busy, yet so positive and helpful, deliver promptly and create top quality and unique masks! I have recommended the Kindness Factory to my neighbours and anyone who comments on the masks when I wear them. This company sure lives up to its name - they are purveyors of kindness! ❤️
- Anonymous