#Fabric Friday - Geometry Puns are Acutely Funny

Posted by Karmen McNamara on 2021 Aug 19th

#Fabric Friday - Geometry Puns are Acutely Funny

Q: Why doesn't the triangle like talking to the circle?

A: Because the conversation is pointless.

This week, it's all about getting into shape. What kind of shape? All the shapes.

Specifically, let's try on squares, hexagons, and amorphous blobs. And if they don't work the first time, we can try a different angle.

New this week we have:

Buffalo Plaid, which wins fair and square.
Camouflage, so no one will see you coming, and
Green Geometric, which is super edgy.

Have a lovely and safe week everyone,

P.S. Don't forget: The only thing to sphere is sphere itself.