​#FabricFriday: All Abuzz

Posted by Karmen McNamara on 2022 Jan 20th

​#FabricFriday: All Abuzz

#FabricFriday: All Abuzz

There once was a bee who was buzzin',
As she whispered in the ear of her cousin,
"I just read the email,
'bout today's big mask sale,
and I think I may need a full dozen!"

Well, the cousin she did gasp aloud,
For of her mask stash she was proud,
"Such excitement I feel,
When I get a great deal,
That I will shop today I do vow."

Today's #FabricFriday has gone to the bees.

Check out Honey Bee Mine and Leopard Print in adult and XL sizes.

Also - save 40% on select Print masks this weekend - no coupon code required, while supplies last.

Wishing you a bee-utiful weekend,

- Karmen