​#FabricFriday - Glitter and Sparkles

Posted by Nora Maglio on 2021 May 27th

​#FabricFriday - Glitter and Sparkles

This week’s masks are just the cutest!

Even though the weather hasn’t been ideal this week, a little sparkle never fails to lift our spirits. This week’s masks do just that!

The adorable little critters on Glitterbug are sure to bring a little luck in our lives, and Glitterfly’s beautiful butterflies will certainly aid us in these transformative times we’re living in.

I wish you all a great weekend and be sure to spread kindness and positivity to the people who make your life glitter and sparkle just that little bit more!

Plus, this week we have a bonus mask. We are bringing back a VERY LIMITED number of Pride Flags. You'll want to get yours before they're gone!

Take care,