​#FabricFriday - Swim, Bike, Run!

Posted by Karmen McNamara on 2021 Jul 1st

​#FabricFriday - Swim, Bike, Run!

This week, BC moved to Phase 3 - meaning that a number of restrictions have been loosened. Among them, we are seeing a return to outdoor events - including concerts, festivals, and endurance races. 

When I’m not making masks, you’ll usually find me swimming, biking, or running. So I admit I am biased towards this week’s masks - a celebration, if you will, of a major step toward normalcy.

So here are Peloton, Marathon, and Triathlon: for all of you who (like me!) can’t wait to cross a real finish line again.

No matter your plans - I wish you a kind, calm, and safe week ahead.


P.S. Peloton and Triathlon are custom designs by yours truly. So you won’t find that fabric anywhere else.