Mask Cotton Thread Count and Other Questions

Posted by Karmen McNamara on 2020 Nov 15th

Mask Cotton Thread Count and Other Questions

Photo Credit: CBC Marketplace

We are receiving many questions about mask thread count, as the result of a CBC Marketplace report. 

We cannot give any advice or make any recommendations about which masks to choose or use, whether for thread count or any other reason. 

But to help customers make an informed decision about what masks to buy and use, this page (1) provides links to recently published information, (2) describes the design and materials of our masks, and (3) gives more information about thread count.

  1. Links to information about masks:

                Government of Canada

                CBC Marketplace

  1. The Kindness Factory’s masks:

All masks made by The Kindness Factory use two layers of high quality quilting cotton, and are designed for a third filter layer to be inserted.

Every mask comes with one single use non-woven poly blend filter. Extra filters are available for purchase.

The elastic used for the earpieces contains latex.

  1. More information about thread count:

The “top performers” masks in the Marketplace report had an inner layer of non-woven polypropylene filter but no thread count.

The “good performers” cotton masks in the Marketplace report had 680 thread count and 600 thread count but no non-woven polypropylene filter.

The Government of Canada page linked above does not mention thread count at all. 

Standard quilting cotton is minimum 120 thread count, and batik quilting cotton is minimum 220 thread count.

We have never seen quilting cotton with 600+ thread count.

Please note:

This page may be updated after its date of publication.
Guidelines and recommendations change frequently and without notice.
Before choosing a mask, speak to a licensed health professional.