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Change is the only constant in life

Life moves quickly these days, and ours are no exception.

This summer, Ivy, Karmen, and I built the Kindness Factory into a thriving business. It was an honour and a privilege to serve our community with a product that was in short supply at the beginning of COVID. We continue to produce masks that are stylish, comfortable and affordable, making the difficult reality of this pandemic a little more bearable. 

However, Ivy is returning to Uvic to finish the final year of her physics degree, and I (Shannon) am starting a BBA in Business and Sustainability at Royal Roads University. Despite our best intentions, it’s not possible for us to continue as full time partners in a growing company. 

We have decided to step away, and Karmen will continue as sole owner of The Kindness Factory. Ivy and I wish her success and joy in this ongoing endeavour. 

Karmen’s intention is for The Kindness Factory to continue to provide high-quality, comfortable, masks to help keep our community healthy. There are no plans for any immediate changes in how it operates. 

We’re grateful for the experience and the time we had together, and we’re grateful most of all to you, our customers, for making it possible. 

We ask that at this time, we all remember the words of Bonnie Henry: to Be Kind, to Be Calm and to Be Safe.


Shannon Graham
Ivy Lewney
Karmen McNamara

“Change is the only constant in life.”
- Heraclitus