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#FabricFriday Buzz

On this chilly winter day, we are sending swarm wishes to you and your colony. And while today is not a beech day, we'll settle for plan Bee: masks that are sweet as honey.

If truth bee told, we bring you two must-hive masks: Too Bee or Not to Bee and Camouflage. 

To Bee or Not to Bee is available in adult size HERE

If you'd rather bee heard and not seen, you can find Camouflage HERE in adult size and HERE in XL. 

We have to wear masks - let's hive some fun with them. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 😷❤️ And bee safe. 

- Karmen 

P.S. Our hive is closed Monday February 15th (Family Day) to spend time with our honeys. You can still place your orders 24/7 online.