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Nose Wires in Kids Masks - Follow Up

Pie chart showing that two thirds of respondents think child masks should have nose wires.

Thanks to all who participated in our informal poll. The results are clear - most people think that kids masks need nose wires. In addition to the 16 responses to the Google form, there were over 60 responses on Facebook. More than two-thirds are in favour of nose wires for children's masks.

We will be changing our design over the next week or two.

Any child’s mask ordered after August 24th will have a nose wire. Any mask ordered before then will not. 

One person suggested in the poll that we could have some masks with nose wires and some without. That’s a valid suggestion, so I want to explain why we are not doing that. 

Basically it causes a logistical nightmare where Karmen, who is responsible for packing orders, is not sure whether we have stock to fulfill an order or not, and ends up tearing her hair out in frustration. 

We like Karmen and want to reduce her stress level and not raise it, so we have decided to sidestep the issue by doing either one thing or the other. 

Someday when we have more capacity, we’ll be able to add finer options like that. But we aren’t there yet. For now, we can still offer kid masks without nose wires as a custom option.

Thanks for joining us for the ride!

Shannon Graham
The Kindness Factory