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Zero Waste. Period.

The Big Announcement

The Kindness Factory was founded on the belief that we can make our community a better place, while being kind to the planet and to each other. 

As we look to a future where masks are less commonplace, we have chosen to continue being kind to the planet by making other high-quality reusable products. 

Reusable pads seem like the perfect fit.

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching reusable menstrual pads February 26, 2021.

Pre-sales will open February 15
Pads will be available for single purchase and by subscription. 

Our reusable pads will feature:
- No Leaks: Zorb® core - the world's leading brand of super absorbent fabric 
- Adjustable Width: Multiple snaps on the wings
- Multiple Lengths: Because everyone's body is different
- Stay in Place Grip: A grippy backing ensures pads don't slide
- Easy Care: Pads are washer and dryer friendly

Reusable pads are more comfortable than disposables, and create significantly less waste. Each pad is also designed to last five years, being kind to your bank account by saving you thousands of dollars. 

We are grateful to our community for supporting us, and are excited to see what the future holds. 





You may or may not know this, but before the pandemic, I was a triathlete. So when I sat down to design a couple of custom fabrics, that's what I turned to for inspiration. This week's #FabricFriday features 2 custom designs by yours truly: Peloton and Swim, Bike, Run!
We have to wear masks - let's have some fun with them. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 😷❤️ And stay safe. 

- Karmen