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#FabricFriday: Un peu plus Batik


This morning I was talking to one of our fabric suppliers in Ontario. She was telling me about the 2 feet of snow on the ground. I also heard from my Dad in Edmonton, where it's -21C. Here on the island, it's not quite so extreme, but I admit I keep a blanket in my office for the first hour of the morning before the heat kicks in. So while it's cold, snowy, and wet outside, it's time for some bright and fun batiks inside. 

This #FabricFriday, we present three new Batiks: ThundercloudForest, and Bermuda

Batik cotton has a tighter weave than regular quilting cotton, and many people find it feels lighter and less restrictive. 

We have to wear masks - let's have some fun with them. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 😷❤️ And stay safe. 

- Karmen 

P.S. I do see the faintest of flower buds popping up in the garden, so there's reason for optimism.