No More Foggy Glasses!

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You know the feeling.

You're wearing your mask, and POOF.
Your glasses fog up and you can't see a thing. 
Super annoying right?

We wear glasses. We get it.
So we solved it.

Say good-bye to glasses fogging with our masks designed to be anti-fog.

Our nose wires are made from industrial ties that we purchase from a local wholesaler. They are wires coated with stiff plastic so that they can be washed many times without rusting or losing their strength. The wire forms to your face to stop glasses fog. Additionally, our masks are designed to fit over the bridge of the nose so that your glasses sit on top of the mask. The mask then tucks under your chin back toward your neck to cover a greater surface area than most masks. 

Our customers report back: No More Foggy Glasses.  

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