Our Values


1. We value Inclusivity. We respect that each person has different strengths and comes from a different background. We believe that our diversity makes our world stronger. We offer a safe space for all staff, contractors, customers, and vendors. 

2. We value Local Community. Our products are manufactured locally, and we purchase from Canadian suppliers wherever possible. We donate a portion of our products to those in need in our community. Scrap materials are offered free of charge to other local makers for use in their projects. 

3. We value Integrity. We keep our commitments, and we communicate honestly with one another and with our customers. 

4. We value Responsibility. We recognize that we are part of an inter-connected community of people and the environment. We make conscious decisions that ensure we create as little waste as possible. 

5. We value Adaptability. Our products and our business continue to evolve to meet current needs. We embrace change, and recognize the need to continually grow and adapt.