Playoff Masks


Product Overview

For all the hockey fans.

If we have to wear masks, let's make it fun. We believe that the best mask is the one you love to wear: light, comfortable, and fun fabrics allow your personality to shine through. Show your style while keeping your community safe.


  • Tightly woven quilting cotton is soft against the skin and stays put to prevent chafing. 

  • Flexible and strong nose wire means no more foggy glasses!

  • Elastic ear loops secure your mask snugly but comfortably over your nose and mouth.

  • 3 layers as recommended by the Government of Canada; our masks are made of 2 layers of tightly woven quilting cotton + 1 disposable non-woven filter.


Adult size masks will fit most people age 8 and older. Kids masks are made-to-order only, so please allow 10 days. 

All masks are made to the same quality standards; price differences reflect price differences in various prints and colours. 

For dimensions and other frequently asked questions about masks, click HERE .  


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Masks are made and sold by The Kindness Factory and are not officially sponsored or supported by, or affiliated with, any the sports teams and organizations, players, athletes, television networks, shows, games, entertainment companies, celebrities, entities, or any other third party (collectively “Third Parties”).  No claims are made to the intellectual property rights belonging to the Third Parties.