Good afternoon,

We no longer offer subscriptions of any kind, on any product. 

Any email you received after May 6 regarding subscriptions did not come from us, and I am taking this extremely seriously. 

We previously worked with an app called Subscrimia that handled our subscriptions.
As a result of concerns with the app, such as subscriptions not being cancelled, we removed it from our site and cancelled our account several weeks ago. 
We only contact customers who have opted in to our newsletter, or to confirm an order after it has been placed. 
It appears that Subscrimia is continuing to contact our customers of their own volition. 
I have reached out to Subscrimia to tell them to stop. I have also reported these emails to both Big Commerce (our web host) and our local police.
Please note that Subscrimia does *not* have access to credit card or banking information. 

I apologize for this inconvenience.
Karmen McNamara, 
The Kindness Factory