What's a zeropad?

zero waste. zero leaks. zero movement. 

zeropad is more comfortable than disposables and creates significantly less waste.

zeropad features:
No Leaks: Our patent-pending Zorb® core + PUL means no leaks, guaranteed.
Adjustable Width: Multiple snaps on the wings.
6 sizesBecause every body is different.
Jiffy Grip: Our patent-pending Jiffy Grip backing ensures pads don't slide.
Easy Care: Pads are washer and dryer friendly.

Size charts are available HERE

zeropads are primarily designed as a reusable menstrual product, and overnight pads can hold up to 20ml of flow. 

zeropads are appropriate for light incontinence (up to 10ml in 24 hours), but should not be used for moderate or heavy incontinence. 



 *Guaranteed not to leak for 12 months from date of purchase when used as directed. 

Please note that there is no PST, GST, or HST on pads in Canada. For regulatory reasons, we are unable to ship zeropads outside of Canada at this time.